How Media Launcher TV Box Works…

how it works

We know, this business about watching so much free entertainment seems impossible. Which is why this page is necessary — to show you just how the Media Launcher TV Box works. Heck, we've even made a how-to video for those of us needing the visual assistance.

The process of freeing yourself from the grips of Cable has never been easier. Simply place your order, ensure your TV area can receive good wireless internet, and relax. (If you don't have a reliable wireless nearby, or prefer a hardwired connection, we suggest using a Powerline Adapter).

We will load your Media Launcher TV Box with the necessary software and ship it out to you within 2 business days of your order placement. We ship via USPS Priority Mail, so you'll have approximately a week to catch up on everything you'd normally get behind on while in the middle of a good round of binge watching ;)

Once you receive your Media Launcher TV Box, simply plug connect the included HDMI or RCA cable(s) to the back of your TV. (We will help you know which of these options you need, but it will only be one) You'll then need to plug in the power cord, press the power button on your Media Launcher TV Box, and proceed to the input options menu on your TV. Once there, you'll select according to which type of connector you're using (ex HDMI, or Component 1, etc.)

From there, you'll see a colorful, user friendly menu of choices that will allow you to sort by type (movies, TV shows, Music, etc.) and then filter by Genre, Most Popular, etc. Your handy remote will let you scroll through 1000's of options. Once you choose a show or movie, click onto that selection to see the streaming sources & choose one from the list. Give your Media Launcher TV Box a moment or two to track down your show and buffer it for you while you make your popcorn. Then, grab your favorite blanket and relax. Your favorite movie or TV show will be playing before you know it! No commercials* either. Best of all? No more wasted money subsidizing countless dead weight channels on Cable. You'll be set to pick up 1000's of legal streams, day or night — no commercials* to endure, no hundreds of dollars coming out of your monthly budget either.

*Commercial-free programming not available on live TV, obviously.