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How To Change the Sound passthrough settings
Follow the steps in this video to learn how to fix the sound on your device.


In order to fix this please follow the steps below:
1.) hit the "set up" button on the remote (If your remote does not have a "set up" button, choose Programs > Android Apps > SettingsMbox)
2.) press the right arrow, and go to the "Advanced" settings tab at the top of the page.
3.) on this page, scroll down to "Digital Audio Output" by using the down arrow button on your remote and click the OK button.
4.) change this setting to "HDMI passthrough" by using the down arrow buttons on your remote, and clicking the OK button when HDMI passthrough is highlighted.
5.) Once you are finished with these steps, you can return to the media launcher and test to see if this fixed the problem by HOME button on your remote, or pressing the BACK BUTTON a couple times to back out one screen at a time.
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